"We were introduced to FileRun by a third party after being sold on the simplicity of the application and doing exactly what we want for the client and consultant interaction. After a couple of years of using it, this application goes from strength to strength, improving as the technology unfolds and making life even easier for our users.
The support service is impeccable, with their quick and easy to understand responses. If there are any serious issues, they certainly pull out the stops to help and get you back up and running.
We would certainly recommend this software to others!"

Kieran, 5plus Architects

"You guys are awesome! I can't tell you how pleased we are with the program and support. Really, it's been fantastic!"

Richard Luciano, Frontier Communications

"You guys have amazing support and the product is great!"

Blake, Red Room Design

"The Tech Support from FilerRun has been second to none. They've gone above and beyond what was required of them to help us solve our problem. This type of customer service has been vital in helping us meet our own clients expectations."

Sam Varney, IDEA Pharma

"Having run Enterprise Program and Initiative Management for a fortune 500 company, I am in amazement as to how we used to pay 400 times as much for a system that wasn't even close to being as efficient, bug free, feature rich, flexible, modular and scalable as FileRun is. The user experience simply blows me away. I may sound a little too enthusiastic, but trust me, if you tried it you would be too. Not to mention that their response time for support was under 10 minutes, and it was in clear, concise English. I wholeheartedly nominate them for developers of the year. Bravo!"

Gautam Sharma

"Now using FileRun on two critical client's business sites and they love it. As a developer of 15 years, it is nice to find a file management application that does all a client wants and more... AND that does not cost a fortune. I will continue to highly recommend FileRun to my clients that need a high quality file management system. One that works great for them, and their customers... and is not a pain for me to install or adjust for them."


"I just have to say that your customer service in absolutely fantastic. I will 100% sure recommend your company to who ever needs services you might produce."

Tero Pernu, Funky Monkey

"Technical support is first rate - responding usually in a matter of minutes! They are constantly updating the software with useful features. Above all... it's a joy to use every day for both me and the clients! I'm extremely glad I found it!"

David Hearn, Musician, composer and producer

"Filerun customer service is excellent. As the IT Director for San Miguel County, I deal with all different types of customer service and Filerun is one of the best. They don't run from a technical issue but rather address it, own it, and resolve it."

Jim Soukup, IT Director San Miguel County.

"In the 6 years I've been dealing with you guys, I have never had a negative thing to say about you. If only other companies were as much of a delight to work with as you guys - even 2 years after purchasing a product from you (Afian) you guys have always been very fast to respond and will more than go out of your way to help me out, So a huge thank you... "

Paul Gummer, Studio Manager, 4 Media Relations

"FileRun has awesome customer service. As a technologist I deal with many tech support services, and I would rate FileRun as one of the best customer service. Highly knowledgeable and competent team. I would recommend their company for prompt, courteous and excellent customer service."

Esther Davis, Web Technologist, Western University of Health Sciences, CA

"In my 13 years in software sales and development in many different industries, I can say without fear of contradiction that FileRun is by far the most complete, resilient and value for money software system I have come across. Does everything it promises in an efficient, professional and reliable way and is easily customizable in layout and function. The after-sales service is impeccable and prompt. If you need any kind of online file management system buy FileRun now. You will not find better."

Simon Varley, Varleco llc.

"After months of searching for a document management system we found Filerun support to be far superior to that of other systems tested. We were a bit apprehensive to purchase a system that only had email support however it seems the Filerun support team is second to none, in fact I find their support team vie email to be faster, more knowledgeable and simply better that that of other systems, even the ones that offer phone support."

Drew E. Baratz, CBID

"FileRun is an amazing product - a very affordable and comprehensive multiplatform web based storage service with preview, search, collaboration, etc. which has meet all of our client's storage needs - a perfect FTP replacement. FileRun's support and customer service has gone out of their way to fulfill every request and has responded quickly every time."

Jason, Joseph Merritt & Company

"The FileRun team has been very quick to respond to every question I've had. They go beyond their responsibilities to help me get an answer to my issue. They also listen to customer's feedback, and implement improvements in future upgrades. I also love how thoroughly they document their change logs for each and every update they provide."

Dave Warfel, Owner, Escape Creative

"With FileRun, we finally found a very easy to setup and maintain application that makes sharing files over the net (even large ones) a breeze! Our users can easily manage their files with the comfortable drag-and-drop approach already known from the daily Windows working environment. And if we have a question about FileRun, we can fully rely on the fast and competent support provided by the FileRun team."

Christian Dähler, Adecco management & consulting S.A.

"FileRun is the best program of its type. Every time I contact the FileRun support department, I get a very quick and friendly response along with the resolution. They are very knowledgeable about their product. I would recommend FileRun to anyone needing a file management system."

Shawn Michaels, Senior Entertainment Specialist

"I'm impressed and happily surprised with the level of support you're offering. "

Theodore C. Olsen, Managing Attorney

"I have reviewed and tested a number of file management software. There is not one that comes close to how easy it is to use but at the same time funtionality has not been comprise. On top of a great a great software the support is better than some of the largest software companies we have had to deal with."

Ralph Abbott, Premiere Commercial Group, Inc.

"Best web-based file sharing software around. The techincal support is very fast, efficient and friendly."

Cristian Gualandri, Microcom Internet Solution

"Thank you for the prompt and expert customer support you are providing for your software."

"Satisfied Customer", Colorado, U.S.A.

"Tech support have been tremendous help so kudos to you guys and your customer service. Best by far of any script provider I have used."

Tammy Huang, Mint Design Associates

"Buy this now. You won't regret it. To be honest you cannot beat the services or the people that I have dealt with. Support are Friendly and courteous people they are always a pleasure doing business with."

Kevan Hampson, Hampsons IT Solutions Ltd.

"Thank you for this amazing product! Filerun is just the perfect file manager service for my clients. As a photographer I particularly like the elegance and functionality of the image preview viewer. The software was installed quickly and easily and your customer support is absolutely first rate."

Robert Allen, Photographer (London UK)

"My customer service in relation to the Staff at FileRun.com has been above and beyond any other company I have ever dealt with. We run various web and mail servers, but decided to tackle FileRun on a platform we have never used "Linux", so being complete noobs to Linux we then purchased FileRun and asked for help, everything from how to install PHP all the way to ImageMagick and they have assisted us within 10 to 30 minutes of an email. We would like to thank FileRun for a wonderful product and most of all the Staff at FileRun."

D.Smyth, DS IT cc

"Amazing and VERY helpful technical support. I recently changed web hosts and had issues with the move since my new host did not transfer all of the files necessary to get FileRun working. Tech Support helped me every step of the way as each new problem popped up and even took the initiative to log into both hosts, compare the file system and fix the problem so that I was up and running ASAP. Way above and beyond what they needed to do."

Dany O'Bryan, BOK Music

"Guys I just wanted to say that your support is exceptional. I love this product and with support like this is amazing."

David Kimberley, My File Storage UK

"I have been looking at everything under the sun to provide the backbone support for our document indexing solution. FileRun staff provided fabulous support well ahead of the sale and continues that service in application. They respond fast and with concise answers. They take requests to upgrade the program and try to meet the needs of its users. For the money you cannot beat it!
I am a huge fan and thanks from the start and for a long supportive relationship ahead."

Mary Meeker, MMDI

"The guys at FileRun can simply be described as having two things: Amazing software and Outstanding support. Very highly recommended!
The software has helped us offer a better way of interacting with clients in terms of sharing files; while the support has always been there with a fix if anything went wrong. Thanks again!"

Robert, Fuel Integrated Communications Limited.

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