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No import required

Just like you do with an FTP server, point FileRun to where you keep the files on your server and you will get instant web access to them.

Want to access your photos also by FTP, SMB or WebDAV (server included)? No problem. Upload, download or manage the same files.

All changes made to the files using FTP or other method reflect via FileRun without delay. (Changes to metadata (such as EXIF) need rescanning though as FileRun doesn't read that in real-time.)

Metadata support

It automatically extracts and index information (Author, Copyright, Date Created, Description, GPS location, Height and Width, Tags/Keywords) from JPG, PSD, PSB, DNG, FFF, TIFF files.

It reads Exif, XMP and IPTC and knows exactly which to use.

Automatic import for RAW files from XMP sidecar files is also supported.

Add custom metadata fields for any additional information you would like to attach to the pictures. This information can either be automatically extracted from the files, or manually typed by you.

Quick editor

Resize, rotate, crop images with its fast and easy to use built-in image editor.


It shows thumbnails and previews for virtually all image file formats. DNG, CR2, NEF, TIF, 2FR, FFF, RAW, etc, you name it! And it does it on the fly so you don't have to run endless command line scripts. It also caches the thumbnails to instantly show them to you next time and preserve server resources.

Organize in collections

Group photos together, from various folders, in virtual folders that you can share online.


Turns folders into online photo galleries with just two clicks. Password protected links with expiration dates, download terms, the whole shebang.

Easy upload

Instantly backup your mobile photos and videos with the free mobile apps.

Sync files from your desktop using the free desktop apps.

Upload files via WebDAV. FileRun comes with its own WebDAV server. No server configuration changes needed.

Or just drag and drop the files (or folders) in your browser. It uploads tons of huge files just like that. No server configuration change required. It even resumes interrupted uploads. Automagically!

More advanced users can of course still use FTP or SMB to upload the files on the server.

A priceless experience

You are welcome to use the FileRun free version for both commercial and non-commerical use.
It provides for 5 user accounts by default. Register your installation and automatically receive 5 more.

NGOs, open-source projects, free-of-charge associations and clubs, humanitarian groups and similar projects can
contact us for free extensions on number of users.
(Governmental and non-profit organizations do not qualify for free extensions. Only voluntary associations or organizations that benefit the entire humanity do.)
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Enterprise version

Increase your business productivity with the Enterprise FileRun version.
FileRun for Business

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