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Manual install

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Release date: June 28, 2021 (changelog)

Note: do not try to update an older FileRun install by dropping new files over. It won't work. Please use this guide instead.

Older versions: [2021.03.26] [2020.11.21] [2019.12.25] [2019.06.01]

Check the server requirements

Use the installation guide

Using Linux

We have tutorials for Ubuntu and CentOS.

Using Docker

$ docker pull afian/filerun (read more)

Using a Synology NAS

Using Web Station

Using Docker

Desktop sync app

The app is called "Nextcloud" and is the result of an open-source project with the same name.

Note that you will need to enable the API in FileRun's control panel in order to use the apps.


FileRun is using WebDAV, so you can also try out any other client you want! See this page for information on how to connect.

Android app

Any WebDAV standards-compliant app can be used.

We recommend this app.

iOS apps

Any WebDAV standards-compliant app can be used.

Here are some third-party app suggestions: