• Minimum version: 5.6 (Recommended: 7.2)
  • ionCube loader v10.1+ extension
  • PDO MySQL extension
  • openssl extension
  • gd extension
  • mbstring extension
  • exif extension
  • xml extension
  • zlib extension

For the optimum PHP configuration please see this guide.

• MySQL database (or MariaDB)
• Optional
  • To be able to handle files larger than 4GB in size, a 64 bit system is needed.
  • ImageMagick or GraphicsMagick - for thumbnails and image previews
  • FFmpeg - for thumbnails for video files
  • Java + Apache Tika + Elasticsearch - for full-text indexing and searching (Enterprise version)

Operating system

FileRun works great on all servers, Microsoft Windows included.


To access using the official FileRun Android app, the FileRun server installation needs to have the API enabled. The API requires a SSL-enabled website which uses a trusted certificate.
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